5: Communication & Response Plan

The Gardner School is committed to regular, two-way communication with families about the health and safety of our campus. These plans have been made with our Gardner Returns Committee utilizing the most up to date guidelines and recommendations from state and local agencies. Find out the communication plans for our building here.

Changes to our health policies are planned in conjunction with state guidelines. We will work closely with Clark County Public Health to mitigate spread. We continue to gather information in formulating the health policy to be shared later this summer. 

If your child has fever, cough, or shortness of breath you should have your child stay home and contact your healthcare provider. They will help you decide if you need an appointment. Please contact the school to report your child’s absence and to share symptoms your child is experiencing. In the past, school policy stated that a child should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. With our current health situation, this has changed to 72 hours fever-free in addition to 10 days since symptoms first showed. If your child tests negative for COVID-19, or has a doctor’s note explaining symptoms are not COVID related, your child may return to school sooner.

Anyone on campus found to be exhibiting new signs of illness during the day will be isolated from other students and staff until a parent can pick-up the child. Staff exhibiting symptoms will be sent home immediately. This space will be properly sanitized after each use.

We will follow the Department of Health's guidelines carefully. If the DOH guides us to close for cleaning, we will share information with families as soon as possible. We may experience periodic returns to remote learning throughout the year as the nature of the pandemic changes.

Notifications regarding exposure to COVID-19 are managed by Clark County Public Health, consistent with state and federal health privacy laws.  This means that families and their doctors work with Public Health in the event of a positive COVID diagnosis. The Gardner School is not allowed to share personal health details of our students or  with families. As an employer in the state of Washington, however, we are required to report any suspected cases of COVID-19 among our employees to Public Health.

The school will continue to share information as available during the summer via our newsletters, and we are creating a special website focused on our plans around a safe return in the fall. Notifications about updates to policies or new information will be sent out in our regular newsletters.

We have already posted for substitute teachers, and are working on increasing our substitute pool. If you know of anyone that would be a great fit for our school, please have them send a cover letter and resume to careers@gardnerschool.org

It is possible that at some point throughout the year we will have to return to remote learning. While we do not know whether that might be another schoolwide shift to remote learning or a single classroom, we will ask staff, students, and families to remain flexible. The length of time and response required by the Washington Department of Health will differ based on public health requirements. Our goal remains to keep students on campus whenever safely possible. Our teachers are prepared to support learning and deliver curriculum both in school and remotely as needed throughout the 2020-2021 school year.