3: Classroom Plan

The Gardner School classrooms will adapt to address health and safety needs, while remaining a vibrant, hands-on learning environment for students. While some things will change, much about the Gardner approach to teaching and learning will remain the same. Find out more below about our plans for learning, play, and community time.

Our Early Childhood teachers created this powerpoint to introduce children to the coming school year. Helping our families prepare for the changes they'll see when they arrive is an important way to support our Tumtum and Mazama students in their transition to the school year

Students are required to wash hands and tables before and after eating. As we’ve done for years, lunch will be in the classroom spaces, or outside in the fresh air. We will not be mixing classrooms for lunch.

We are excited to have found a way to let the Pizza Friday tradition continue at the Gardner School!
Students will be eating with their classroom group only, and will be served from boxes designated only for their group. The teacher will wear gloves and distribute pizza to the individual students. The same handwashing and table sanitizing will occur for Pizza Friday as it does for all lunches throughout the wee

Students will need to have their own supplies and storage spaces. Many supplies will be provided by the school to individual students, but things like pens, pencils, and crayons will be separated this year. A back-to-school supply list will be provided soon and shared with parents via the website and the newsletter.

No. We will assign chromebooks or laptops to individual students. If any technology must be shared, it will undergo sanitation between each use.

Revised July 6th, 2020 Yes! Children will be able to use all of our outdoor spaces. We will add extra cleaning of regularly touched surfaces on our playground equipment.

At this time, we are required to minimize parents, volunteers, and visitors from entering the buildings to reduce the risk of exposure to our staff and students. Our PTO will be working actively to connect parents with other ways to volunteer and support the Gardner School.

Yes. In individual classrooms, students will continue to work in collaborative small groups while wearing masks (K-8) and maintaining physical distance.

Offering a wide range of experiences is a value shared by faculty, parents, and students at The Gardner School. Students will continue to receive instruction in Art, Music, PE & Health, Science, and Spanish. As part of our safety plan, we are limiting exposure and mixing of groups. For example, some special classes will take place in the Homeroom space to reduce movement around campus. Other classes will be outside more often providing increased ventilation.