4: Campus Plan

Our beautiful five acre campus with the wetlands, field, Imagination Playground, and gardens allows us to safely spread out students to continue to be educated in person. Every Homeroom classroom has an exit door to the outside, and this allows for safe transitioning onto campus and around the school. Read below to learn more details about how we're working to make classrooms safe and effective learning spaces.

We will conduct a daily health screening related to COVID-19 symptoms including fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, etc. We are investigating tools to permit us to do this efficiently with a streamlined process for families and staff.  As soon as we’ve outlined this process, we will share it to help you get ready for fall.

Janitorial services will be increased for campus wide cleaning, and our teachers will be doing cleaning throughout the day to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. Teachers and students will practice increased handwashing, including before and after snacks, after returning from recess, etc. A handwashing station will be set up for classrooms without easy access to a sink. More information about our updated health policy will be shared later this summer.

Arrival and dismissal time will likely remain the same for all students. Given our large campus size, and well-spaced exterior doors, we feel confident we can keep students and families safely distanced during arrival and dismissal times. However, if we determine we can’t safely conduct beginning and end-of-day procedures for all students simultaneously, we will notify families of any changes as soon as possible. There will be a learning curve for families with new drop off and pick up procedures, and we may stagger times early in the year so our families can practice. We’ll keep you posted. 

Yes. At this time, we plan to continue our before- and after-care programs. Before-care is available between 7:30am-8:15AM. After-care begins at the end of the school day (2:45 for early childhood, 3:45 for our K-8 program) until 6PM.

For privacy reasons, we are not able to require testing for members of our community. Per public health guidelines, presentation of a COVID negative test result may allow a student to return to campus earlier than the 10 days required. Medical professionals are not currently recommending asymptomatic persons be tested. 

We are increasing the frequency and depth of our regular cleaning processes and our administrative staff is soliciting bids from various cleaning companies in the Clark County area. We have added specific disinfecting steps to our cleaning process throughout all shared and classroom spaces. We have years of experience complying with the stricter cleaning requirements outlined by our licensure with the Department of Child, Youth, & Family (DCYF); we are confident in our ability to meet the strict cleaning protocols required of schools during COVID-19

Our teachers will support students in regular handwashing as they arrive on campus, move between different areas of the school, before and after snacks or lunch, after sneezing or blowing noses, using the bathroom, and when they return from recess. Additional time will be given for students transitioning between areas to accommodate for the increase in handwashing. Staff members will also complete these additional handwashing procedures.